GORVIA® GS-Series Item-P303CH 600ML High Modulus Construction Polyurethane Sealant
GORVIA® GS-Series Item-P303CH 600ML High Modulus Construction Polyurethane Sealant

GORCCI is the best P303CH 600ML High Modulus Construction Polyurethane Sealant manufacturer in China. Offering quality product to global customers ...

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Technical Data
One component, Construction polyurethane sealant, High modulus, High elasticity, Shelf life: 9 months

It is a one-part, high modulus polyurethane product formulated by Gorcci International. It reacts with moisture in the air to form a soft rubber with excellent elastic and adhesion strength.

Product Features:
* High modulus and high elasticity, excellent sealing, water resistance.
* One component, easy for applying, no solvent.
* No odour and toxicity after cured, environmental protection.
* Self bonding, easily for repairing.
* Good extrudability.
* Good adhesion to many substrates, no corrosion and no pollution to substrates.

How to use it:
A Treating the substrate, do necessary treatment to the substrate surface
B Adhesive coating, methods are spraying, brushing, dipping, roll coating, etc.
C Dry set, need to dry for a few minutes to ten minutes after applying glue
D Adhesive, sticky adhesive surfaces have to be bonded together
E Wait for curing, polyurethane adhesive can be cured at room temperature
310ml aluminum cartridge, 20pcs/box; 400ml sausage, 20pcs/box; 600ml sausage, 20pcs /box.

MOQ: 2000PCS

Storage and transportation:
Transportation: Keep away from moisture, raindrop, sun, high temperature, and away from heat. Handle with care, no press and collisions.
Storage: Sealed and stored at low temperature, dry place, recommended store at temperature 5 ~ 25 ℃, humidity ≤ 50% RH environment. Do not store at temperatures above 30 ℃ or humidity> 80% RH environment.

Shelf life:
The shelf life is 9 months with the original packaging, and after 9 months, still can be used once pass the inspection.
* Suitable for joints where low movement capacity, high resistance to penetration and pressure are required.
* Joints in paving,airport and bridge runway.
* Seams on water pipe(back to water).
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