GORVIA® GS-Series Item-A301V Acetic Silicone Sealant
GORVIA® GS-Series Item-A301V Acetic Silicone Sealant

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Technical Data
Middle range, Single component, Acetic fast curing, Shelf Life: 10 monthes

GS-Series Item-A301V silicone sealant is a component, low modulus, acetic cure and high performance silicone sealant. Won’t shrink and crack. Withstands harsh temperatures and aging. Ideal for window and door frames, siding and plumbing fixtures.

Production Features:
GORVIA®  GS-A301V silicone sealant has excellent physical properties that are designed to provide outstanding durability and excellent UV resistant and weather resistant performance, multi-purpose and ready-to-use.

How to use it:
1. Clean and dry surface. Remove any soap, oil or grease.
2. Cut the nozzle a little bit and screw it on the cartridge.
3. Apply the sealant with hand or caulking gun.
4. Tooling immediately to spread the sealant against the surface, and this operation must be completed within 5 minutes.
5. Remove exceeded sealant with dry paper towel.
VOLUME: 300ml
QTY/CTN: 24pcs/ctn
CARTON SIZE: 30*20*24.5cm

Transparent/clear, white, black and grey available, other colors on request

MOQ: The minimum order quantity(for private label/OEM): 12000pcs/500ctns per color.

Storage and transportation: stored in a cool (between +5℃ and +30℃), dry place in unopened cartridges. Normal shipment by air or sea

Shelf life: 10months
GS-A301V is typically used for general water resistance. It is suitable for: General glass assembling, such as glass, window and door. Sealing, repairing and bonding the joint of other construction materials, such as aluminum, tile, some plastic and wood.
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