Pu Foam sealant:

Wide range of interior and exterior sealing and insulating applications such as basement areas, roof areas, and in plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling penetrations:
- excellent to fill and seal all interior and exterior building gaps, cracks and openings
- excellent fill and seal in exposed corner joint and studs
- excellent to fill and seal around utility panels, duct penetrations, pipes, air/heating vents or hatch perimeter access
- excellent to seal and insulate under the edges of exposed siding
- Mounting of window and door frames
- Sealing of all types of cracks and holes

Silicone Sealant:

1.Silicone Sealants are used to fill and seal for the installation of aluminum alloy windows and doors, titanium alloy doors and Windows, plastics-steel doors and windows.
2. Silicone Sealants are suit for different kinds of reflection glass curtain wall, aluminium and plastic board curtain wall, dryly-hanging stone curtain wall, etc.
3. The silicone sealant is suit for sealing gusset plate doors and windows
4. The silicone sealant is suit for sealing porous shape stone, laminated glass, insulating glass, mirror glass, coated glass, Zinc material, Copper material and Iron material, etc
5.The silicone sealant is applied to seal the joint of all kinds of glass, metal, aluminum, ceramic tile, organic glass, coated glass.
6.Silicone sealants are suit for sealing concrete, cement, brick, rock, marble, wood, Anodizing aluminum and the surface of painted aluminum, etc. Normally, there is no need primers.
7.Silicone sealants are suit for the cementation of dry and clear metal, glass, oil-free wood, silicone resin, vulcanizing silicone rubber, ceramics, synthetic fibre and the surface of paint plastic.

PU Sealant:
For Building:
1. PU Sealant is used for sealing doors, windows,and insulating glass, etc
2. PU Sealant is used for the sealing of road surface,runway,bridge, tunnel, etc.
3. PU Sealant is used to seal the joint of water pipe

For Automobile:
1. PU Sealants are used to cement windshield and side window glass of auto and seal the joint of refrigerator van,reflection glass curtain wall, etc.
2. PU Sealants are used to seal the joint of the car body, windows, truck and other joint.
3. PU Sealants are used to cement container,van and portable house. Meanwhile, They are also suit for the cementation between steel and aluminium.
4. PU Sealants are used to seal the the visible parts of vehicles, such as apron board, Trunk deck plate, car bottom,car roof, air-condition, etc.

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